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Horology411 was born from a passion for timepieces, and the joy that comes from sharing one’s passion.


There is only one way to do things, the right way.  Because Horology411 grew from a labor of love, we are not satisfied with just being the best.  Best only means better than everyone else, which by itself would fall short of our standards.  We feel that best should be a result, not a goal.


A hallmark of Horology411 is that our watches go back to their manufacturers for service.  Not just a service center or watchmaker, but back to the people that built it.  This not only means that our watches are warranted to be functioning like new, but also certified to be completely authentic.  No parts; internal, structural, cosmetic, or otherwise, are counterfeit.  There is, of course, special documentation to establish the pedigree of each piece.


Among other factors, successful relationships, whether business or personal, are based on communication, understanding, and trust.  So please, reach out to us in any way you like; listen to our founder Chase on the On Time Podcast, or ask someone who knows him.  We are confident that the more you know about Horology411, the more we will become your trusted advisor.




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